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The act of safely reaching out to neighbours to make sure they are supported in a time of need

Help Out

If you can make a few phone calls, help a senior order groceries online, or safely help in other ways, then sign-up to help out. As little as one phone call a day is all it takes.

If you would like someone to check-in on you, sign-up below. This can include help with groceries or delivery. A neighbour can help. Note that this is not a health line.

Nonprofits in our community have the experience and trust of our most vulnerable. If you are with a nonprofit and you feel we could work together, please connect with us.

Be there for your Neighbours when they need you

About Us

Socially distancing does not mean that we dis-connect or abandon one another. More than ever it is important that we check in on our neighbours and safely help them where we can.

Neighbouring.org is a grass roots effort to help neighbours connect and support one another. This might mean helping someone order groceries, checking in on them once in a while, shovelling driveways, or simple calls to say 'how's it going?'


It might not feel like it right now, but none of us are alone. We want to make sure our neighbours know this!


How Does it Work?


The first step is finding our neighbours. This means safely knocking on their doors, calling them, reaching out to them through social media, and recruiting volunteers to help engage with them.


Once we have identified our neighbours, we want to stay in touch with them. This includes phone calls, video chats, email, or social media reach outs to them.


For some neighbours, the voice of someone who cares is all that they need. Others may need help ordering groceries. Others might want to know how they can make use of their unique skillset in this time of need.


Access our Guide to Neighbouring to help organize your neighbourhood volunteer effort 

Use these resources to help organize your community and support your neighbours

Nonprofit Partners

Community groups that work closely with vulnerable sectors know how we can best help their community in this time of need. If you are. representative of a nonprofit, click below to see how we can help each other.


We are Not a Help Line 

It is important to realize that neighbouring.org is not a help line and cannot provide any medical advice or guidance beyond providing you with the necessary phone numbers. If you are having a mental health related emergency, call the Mental Health Crisis Line at 1-888-737-4668. For other mental health related issues, visit https://www.bridgethegapp.ca/

If you have start to have symptoms of COVID-19, please use the self-assessment tool on the HealthLine 811 website to determine if you need to call 811. If you are not able to access the self-assessment tool, please call 811.

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